Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights: Introduction of places to visit, eat, accommodation in super detail

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights: Introduction of places to visit, eat, accommodation in super detail

If you are preparing to have a trip to Da Nang for 3 days and 2 nights, this article is a sincere handbook for you. Vietnamese.Quest will introduce you to great places to visit, eat, and stay. At the same time, provide a sample schedule so that you can visit Da Nang to the fullest in 3 days and 2 nights. Let’s refer! 

What is the best season to travel to Da Nang?

Because it is a coastal city, the best time to visit Da Nang is in the summer. From the beginning of April to the end of August, the weather in Da Nang will be extremely dry, sunny, very suitable for swimming activities as well as walking and sightseeing in the city. Therefore, the best time to travel to Da Nang 3 days 2 nights from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is in the summer, from April to August.  

On the contrary, you should limit coming to Da Nang in September, October, January and February. Because this is the time in the Central region in the rainy and stormy season. Da Nang can rain heavily all day during these months.

Traveling to Da Nang 3 days 2 nights - when is the right time?From April to August is the most suitable time to come to Da Nang

What to play when traveling to Da Nang 3 days 2 nights? 

Locations near the city center

My Khe beach

 Coming to Da Nang, it is impossible to ignore My Khe beach. This is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Every year, My Khe beach welcomes many Vietnamese and Korean stars to visit and rest. 

My Khe Beach is located right next to the city center, less than 1km from the Han River Bridge. Coming here in the early morning or late afternoon is the best time. In the early morning you can watch the sunrise, enjoy the cool early morning air. If you come in the afternoon, you can watch the brilliant sunset over the beautiful natural landscape.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - to My Khe BeachMy Khe Beach has beautiful blue water

  • Location, how to go: From Han river bridge, you go straight on Pham Van Dong street less than 1km and you’ll arrive 

Dragon Bridge

This is the symbol of the city and the place where any tourist comes to check-in when traveling to Da Nang . Dragon Bridge crosses the Han River and is famous for its unique architecture. Along the length of the bridge is a golden dragon, a metaphor for the city’s desire for prosperity. In particular, on Saturday and Sunday nights, the Dragon’s head has an extremely unique fire and rain spray. 

  • Location, how to go: Dragon Bridge is located in the city center. You find your way to the Han River and go to Bach Dang or Tran Hung Dao school. 

Han Market, Con Market

These are 2 famous markets of Da Nang city, located right in the city center, so it is very convenient for you to visit and shop when traveling to Da Nang 3 days 2 nights self-sufficient. The famous Han market sells a lot of Da Nang specialties, all kinds of fish sauce, dried seafood, confectionery … suitable for you to buy as a gift. 

Besides, Con market is a place to sell a lot of local dishes such as vermicelli with seasoning, powdered tea, pork roll cake, beo cake, filter cake, etc., suitable for you to walk around and explore. local food and fill an empty stomach. 

  • Location, how to go: Han Market is located at 110 Tran Phu, Hai Chau, Da Nang. Con market is located at 290 Hung Vuong, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Love bridge

The Bridge of Love is located at the foot of the Dragon Bridge. So if you go to Dragon Bridge, you can combine it with visiting here. Love Bridge is also one of the famous attractions, frequented by young people to check-in. 

The bridge spans a section of the Han River and is a famous place for couples to hang locks. With the desire to keep their love strong, couples will often buy and lock the padlock on the bridge and then throw the key into the Han River. The dense, colorful locks also create extremely magical check-in backgrounds.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - Go to Love BridgeLove Bridge – the favorite check-in place of young people

  • Location, how to go: Located at the foot of the Han River Bridge, on the side of Tran Hung Dao Street. 

Linh Ung Pagoda

Traveling to Da Nang for 3 days and 2 nights  without going to Linh Ung Pagoda is considered a shortcoming. This is a famous spiritual tourist destination, suitable for activities of peace and wish. In addition, this place is also famous for the 67m high Buddha statue, considered the tallest Buddha statue in our country. Because it is located on the mountain, coming here you also have the opportunity to see the beautiful Da Nang city and My Khe beach from above.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - Go to Linh Ung pagodaLinh Ung Pagoda is a must-visit place when coming to Da Nang

  • Address:  Bai But, on Son Tra peninsula, Son Tra district, Da Nang city

Asia Park – Sun World

 Asia Park – Sun World is an outdoor entertainment center with more than 20 games of all genres, suitable for both adults and children. Coming here, in addition to participating in games, you should buy tickets to go around Sun Whell to be able to see the beautiful city of Da Nang from above. 

  • Location: No. 01 Phan Dang Luu, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is considered the green lung of Da Nang city. This place is full of green trees and 3 sides are surrounded by the sea. Son Tra Peninsula is extremely suitable for you to come to rest, bring food and organize a small picnic. Eating, resting, and chatting in the green space, the view overlooking the sea will be extremely chill and wonderful.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - To Son Tra PeninsulaSon Tra peninsula with a view of My Khe sea

  • Address: Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Top of the Chess Board

Ban Co Peak is located on the tip of Son Tra Peach Seminar. Because it is located on a high altitude, the way up will be a bit difficult. However, if you arrive, seeing the beautiful view of Da Nang city and My Khe beach from above, you will find it well worth it. Because the space is so beautiful, people still tell a mythical story. Given that this place is the “place” of the chess match of the two fairies. 

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Locations outside the city center

Ba Na Hills

Needless to say too much, everyone must already know about this most famous tourist attraction in Da Nang city. Ba Na Hill is located on a mountain in the southwest, about 40km from the center of Da Nang city, 1487m above sea level. Therefore, there is a cool climate all year round.

Ba Na Hill is a complex of European-style entertainment and sightseeing resorts. This place is also famous for the golden bridge – a famous check-in place. Located in the middle of mountains, majestic clouds, Ba Na Hill is a wonderful destination for entertainment and virtual living.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - Go to Ba Na Hills

Golden Bridge – the famous check-in place of Da Nang

  • Location: Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang.
  • Ticket price: 650,000 VND/child ticket and 800,000 VND/adult ticket 

Hoi An

Although located in Quang Nam province, Hoi An ancient town is only more than 1 hour from Da Nang city center by motorbike. Therefore, most people who have a 4-day 3 night or 3 day 2 night Danang travel schedule will often combine to Hoi An to visit and have fun. 

As a tourist destination recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, Hoi An ancient town possesses ancient and poetic beauty. The three-room yellow houses with ancient architecture, located along the peaceful Thu Bon River, create a peaceful and extremely beautiful scene. Coming to the Old Town in the evening, renting a boat to stroll along the river, releasing the lanterns and watching the ancient spectrum on the lights is an extremely wonderful experience.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - Go to Hoi An ancient townHoi An Ancient Town seen from above

  • Address: Phuong Minh An, Hoi An City


Ngu Hanh Son is about 8km from Da Nang city center, on the way to Hoi An. So you can combine visiting Hoi An and Ngu Hanh Son in 1 day to save time traveling and commuting.

Ngu Hanh Son is a complex of scenic relics including 6 limestone mountains: Am Hoa Son, Duong Hoa Son, Tho Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, and Kim Son. In addition, this place also has many mysterious caves and trees, creating a majestic but equally attractive and mysterious scene. 

  • Address: 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang 
  • Ticket price: 20,000 adult tickets. Free for children under 6 years old

Than Tai Mineral Spring

If My Khe beach no longer makes you happy, then coming to soak in the cool water at Than Tai Mineral Spring Park is a suggestion you should consider. With a cool natural stream forming an open-air swimming pool, located in the Ba Nui Chua conservation area, surrounded by a vast primeval forest, it will help you relieve the heat of Central effectively and have fun. the most comfortable moments of rest.

In addition to mineral springs, this place also has mud bath, onsen bath, massege service and also has more restaurants to eat, drink, etc. to help you have a full day of rest here.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - Go to the mineral spring of god of wealthThan Tai Mineral Spring is bustling in summer

  • Location: Highway 14G Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang.
  • Ticket price: 290,000 VND/person.

What to eat when traveling to Da Nang?


If you have come to the coastal city, you must definitely take advantage of the fresh seafood. You run along the route Hoang Sa – Truong Sa – Vo Nguyen Giap along My Khe beach, there will be many seafood shops for you to choose from. The seafood here is caught during the day so it is extremely fresh. Any dish you cook is delicious. Especially, the prices here are also quite affordable.

Some restaurants sell delicious seafood

  • Ba Thoi Seafood (Le Dinh Duong Street, Hai Chau District)
  • My Hanh Restaurant (Hoang Sa, Phuoc My, Son Tra District)
  • Ky Em Seafood (Ho Nghinh Street, Son Tra District)

Quang Noodles

Quang noodle is a famous dish of Quang Nam. But due to the close proximity to each other, many Quang Nam people come to Da Nang to open businesses. Therefore, coming to Da Nang, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a bowl of original Quang noodles, the taste is also more delicious and richer. 

The bowl of Quang noodles here is full of ingredients, including chicken, shrimp, pork, etc. The rich broth is well-stocked. When eaten with fresh raw vegetables and a little rice paper,… Creates a delicious original Quang noodle flavor that is hard to find anywhere.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - enjoy Quang noodlesThe bowl of authentic Quang noodles is full

Some shops selling delicious Quang noodles:

  • Quang noodles: No. 02 Phan Dang Luu, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Quang Ba Buy Noodles: No. 19 – 21 Tran Binh Trong, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Quang Ba Lu noodles: No. 126 Ham Nghi, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

Pork rolls

Rice paper rolls with pork is a famous dish of Da Nang cuisine that any tourist coming here must visit and enjoy. Rice paper rolls with pork in Da Nang are really special. 

The pork chop is cleverly cut long, fat at both ends, helping to not get sick when eating because the lean meat is too much. Besides, the accompanying vegetables are also of all kinds. When used, it is also eaten with rice paper and dipped with seasoning sauce – a typical sauce of the Central region. All create an extremely delicious dish, eat it all the time without getting bored, attractive and irresistible.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - enjoy pork rice paperPork rice paper is a famous specialty of Da Nang

Some shops selling delicious pork rolls:

  • Mau pork roll cake: No. 35 Do Thuc Tinh, Cam Le, Da Nang.
  • Huong Dai Loc pork rolls: No. 56 Dang Dung, Lien Chieu, Da Nang.
  • Hoang Tin pork rolls: No. 12 Le Hong Phong, Phuoc Ninh, Da Nang.

Butter cream 

The weather in Da Nang is hot and sunny, so it is very suitable to enjoy ice cream and cool drinks. In Da Nang, there is a famous place to enjoy avocado ice cream that everyone knows, which is Co Van avocado ice cream at Bac My An market . Co Van butter cream is soft and creamy, and the fat milk is mixed just right, creating an extremely delicious taste. In addition to Co Van avocado ice cream, in Da Nang, there are also many other places selling delicious avocado ice cream.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - enjoy avocado ice creamCo Van avocado ice cream at Bac My An market

Shops selling delicious avocado ice cream

  • Co Van butter cream: Bac My An Market, Ngu Hanh Son, City. Danang
  • Co Cuc avocado ice cream: Bac My An Market, Ngu Hanh Son, City. Danang
  • Thien Thanh Butter Cream: 73 Pham The Hien, Hai Chau District, City. Danang

Salt yogurt 

Salted yogurt is a famous specialty of Da Nang that you probably won’t find anywhere else. The yogurt here is also made from familiar ingredients such as yogurt, condensed milk, etc. However, the special thing here is that the yogurt will be served with fine salt. It sounds strange, but when you enjoy it, you will find that this combination creates an extremely wonderful dish. Sweet and sour yogurt, served with a little salt and salt, is a very harmonious combination. 

Shops selling delicious salted yogurt

  • Salt yogurt hamlet at the foot of Tran Thi Ly bridge

Where to stay in Da Nang?

If traveling to Da Nang for 3 days and 2 nights , here are 5 suggestions for places to stay, priced from a few hundred to several million with a variety of room types, suitable for different needs and economic conditions. for your reference.

Posiki Dorm & Café Da Nang

If you are looking for a clean, modern, and convenient place to stay, close to the center for convenient travel and at a “cheap” price, Posiki Dorm & Café is an extremely reasonable choice. Posiki Dorm & Café is located on Tran Phu Street, right in the center, extremely close to the Han River, Dragon Bridge and My Khe Beach. Besides, Posiki Dorm & Café has just been built, repaired, so it is very spacious, the design style, the interior is extremely modern. 

Despite all these advantages, Posiki Dorm & Café has a relatively cheap rental price, only 200,000 VND/night. This place also has a variety of room types, suitable for all needs, from the Dorm room, and double room to the family room.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - at Posiki Dorm & Café

Posiki Dorm & Café has a modern design and color

  • Address: Dorm: 215 Tran Phu, Phuoc Ninh ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city
  • Room rate: From 200,000 VND/night 

1986 Homestay Da Nang

1986 Homestay is also another option for those of you who want to have a cheap Da Nang 3 days 2 nights trip. 1986 Homestay has a full range of rooms, from Dorm rooms to double rooms with room rates only from 200,000 VND/night

Although located quite far from the center, in return, this homestay is extremely beautiful and extremely peaceful, separate from the hustle and bustle of the city. Room 1986 Homestay is spacious and clean, especially the rooms always have large windows, receiving sunlight, so they are very airy and cool.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - stay in 1986 HomestayRoom 1986 Homestay is cool

  • Address: 201 Chuong Duong, Bac My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city
  • Room rate: From 200,000 VND/night

Golden Bay Hotel Danang

Golden Bay Danang is a quite famous hotel and many people choose to stay when traveling to Da Nang for 3 days 2 nights . The most attractive point of this hotel is the infinity pool from above. From here you can swim while watching the Han River, Thuan Phuoc bridge, My Khe beach and a corner of Da Nang city from above. In the morning or sunset, the scene at this swimming pool becomes extremely shimmering.  

In addition, Golden Bay Da Nang is more known as a 5-star hotel inlaid with gold. Most of the interior of the hotel is inlaid with 24k gold, creating an extremely luxurious resting space. Golden Bay Hotel has 949 rooms with many different room types, meeting all the needs of customers.

Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights - in Golden BayInfinity pool with beautiful view

  • Address: Le Van Duyet, Nai Hien Dong, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Room price: From 1,200,000 VND/night/room

Retreat Resort

Naman Retreat Resort is a luxury resort located on My Khe beach. Therefore, come here to rest, you will have a wonderful beach vacation. From the room, the garden or the restaurant on the hotel premises, anywhere you can see the beautiful My Khe beach and enjoy the cool breeze blowing in from the sea.

When coming to Naman Retreat Resort, do not miss the early morning and sunset scene on My Khe beach. In addition, do not miss the fun activities at the large swimming pool, relax in the sauna, jacuzzi and enjoy delicious and attractive Asian and European specialties.

Da Nang tourism 3 days 2 nights - in Naman Retreat is a resort

Naman Retreat is a resort located close to My Khe beach

  • Address: Truong Sa Street, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang
  • Room price: 1,800,000 VND/night

Villa The Mansion Hoi An

If you are looking for a place to stay near Hoi An ancient town, you can refer to Villa The Mansion Hoi An. This villa is located less than 2km from the old town, extremely convenient for you to go to the old town. Villa The Mansion Hoi An is quite famous on the internet because of its very good check-in space. 

Villa owns an architectural style of interference between the unique Asian-European architecture. A mysterious Moroccan style combined with the openness of Hoi An, creates a wonderful resort scene. Stepping into the Villa, you will be overwhelmed by a rich garden with lots of tropical plants and a green, extremely chill swimming pool.

Danang tour 3 days 2 nights - stay at Villa The Mansion Hoi AnSwimming pool at Villa The Mansion Hoi An

  • Address: 170 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam 
  • Room price: From 1,400,000 VND/room

Da Nang travel itinerary 3 days 2 nights for reference

Below is the schedule to visit Da Nang in 3 days 2 nights specifically. This schedule is also suitable for those who travel to Da Nang 2 days 2 nights. Let’s refer!

Day 1

  • Morning – noon: Son Tra Peninsula, Linh Ung Pagoda, Top of the chessboard 
  • Afternoon – evening: My Khe Beach, Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge

Day 2

  • Morning – noon – afternoon: Ba Na Hill tourist area or God of Fortune Hot Spring Park
  • Evening: Asia Park – Sun World or Con Market, Han Market

Day 3

  • Morning – noon: Marble Mountains
  • Afternoon – evening: Hoi An Ancient Town.

Danang tour itinerary 3 days 2 nightsDa Nang – a must visit place in the summer

How much does it cost to travel to Da Nang 3 days 2 nights?

How much money to travel to Danang 3 days 2 nights  package depends a lot on you. If you want to save money, you can book flights early to get cheap prices, avoiding going in the peak summer months. Food in Da Nang is also not too expensive. The accommodation also has many prices for you to choose from.

Here is the cost of Da Nang travel for 3 days 2 nights for your reference: 

  • Airfare: 399,000 – 3,600,000 VND/round trip
  • Motorbike/taxi rental: 300,000 – 900,000 VND
  • – Hotel: 600,000 – 5,400,000 VND
  • – Meals: 700,000 – 1,500.0000 VND

If you want to go on a 3 days 2 nights Danang tour through Viet Travel, you can refer to the 2 tours below:

Above are the experiences of  traveling to Da Nang 3 days 2 nights, sharing about places to visit, eat and rest. At the same time, it also provides you with a sample travel schedule for 3 days 2 nights. Hopefully, with the experience of Da Nang handbook that Vietnamese.Quest shares, it will help you to have a convenient and enjoyable trip to Da Nang. 

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