Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights to fully explore the beautiful ‘Pearl’ of the Port country

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights to fully explore the beautiful ‘Pearl’ of the Port country

Cat Ba archipelago possesses beautiful beaches, majestic limestone mountains, and poetic landscapes that captivate those who love to explore nature. With the advantage of not being far from the mainland and possessing a paradise-like landscape, this is the ideal stopover for 3-day, 2-night “escape” trips away from the city’s smog.

Cat Ba has always been one of the hottest destinations on the tourist map of Hai Phong Port . This island country possesses charming nature and has countless interesting things waiting for believers to come and explore, so at any time of the year, Cat Ba is always an attractive choice in the eyes of tourists.

Traveling to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights is the most chosen schedule by travel believers when you want to check-in this paradise island, you will enjoy the true peaceful space, discover the local cuisine. the beach and participate in many unique activities. If you are looking for a short trip to immerse yourself in the fresh nature of the wonderful island, choose Cat Ba for your trip. 

About Cat Ba archipelago famous landscapes in the North 

Cat Ba has long been likened to a jewel of the Gulf of Tonkin, this island captivates visitors by the unspoiled beauty of the blue sea, white sand, limestone mountains and majestic primeval forests. Cat Ba is the main island of the Cat Ba archipelago located in Cat Hai district with an area of ​​about 100km2, located 30 nautical miles from Hai Phong city.

Let's travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights overview the sceneryCat Ba has always been an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists because of its poetic and lyrical beauty. Photo: @touristdreamer_.

According to archaeological documents, Cat Ba has been inhabited since 6000 years ago, the name of the island means the island of women, associated with the legend of three women of the Tran Dynasty who died and drifted to three Different sandy beaches on the island, people built shrines to commemorate and from there the name Cat Ba island was formed. 

Cat Ba today has become an attractive tourist destination with a population of limestone mountains, caves, beaches, and beautiful bays creating an attractive paradise attracting both domestic and foreign tourists to visit. , discover. 

Let's travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights overview the scenery This is the ideal rendezvous for weekend getaways. Photo: ba24k.ah

What is the best time to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights? 

Cat Ba has quite mild weather and with a 3-day 2-night schedule, visitors can check-in at this beautiful paradise all year round. However, the most ideal time to travel here is from April and October because at this time the weather in Cat Ba is very beautiful and cool, suitable for relaxing, swimming as well as doing outdoor activities. God. The peak tourist season in Cat Ba will take place from May to July, this is when Cat Ba becomes the most crowded and bustling. 

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights check-in timeThe best time to come to Cat Ba is from April to October every year. Photo: @dinh.thuytienn_

The low tourist season in Cat Ba Island is from July to August, this is the time when Cat Ba often has storms, but if you watch the weather first and are lucky, you can still enjoy sunny days. , nice weather. The period from November to March is the time when Cat Ba is the most empty, also the ideal time to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights and explore nature and relax.

Convenient travel experience to Cat Ba should refer to 

The advantage of choosing Cat Ba for your 3 days 2 nights trip is that you can save travel time, especially when you depart from Hanoi, Hai Phong or surrounding areas. 

From Hanoi, you can move to Cat Ba by private car or bus. If traveling by private car, you go to Hai Phong, cross the Tan Vu sea bridge to get to Got ferry, then move to the island at Cai Vieng wharf, Cat Hai district. From here, move another 20km to the center of the island. The cost of ferrying for motorbikes is 45,000 VND and for cars under 9 seats is 190,000 VND. 

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nightsYou can get to Cat Ba in many different ways. Photo: @danghoaa_

If you choose a bus, you only need to buy a bus ticket from Hanoi to Got ferry for 150,000 VND and then move to the island for 12,000 VND. If you choose the car companies that move directly to the center of Cat Ba island, the package price is about 250,000 VND / person. 

Besides traveling by ferry in the traditional way, currently, traveling to Cat Ba for 3 days and 2 nights , you can choose to take the Cat Hai – Phu Long cable car route to save time, whereby you cross Tan Vu bridge, Transfer to the Got Ferry direction and enter the cable car according to the roadside instructions to move, time is only 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes as usual. Cable car ticket is 200,000 VND / person with foreign tourists and Hai Phong people is 150,000 VND. 

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nightsIn Cat Ba, you can use a taxi, motorbike or if you visit the bay, you can take a boat. Photo: @heritagecruises

To move on Cat Ba island, you can choose to rent a motorbike or take a taxi. However, the experience for you is that you should rent a motorbike to explore more for 200,000 VND / day or 40,000 VND / hour. There is also a taxi service on the island with the price from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND round trip. 

Suggest a good place to stay when checking-in Cat Ba 

Traveling to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights , you will definitely need to find a place to stay, Cat Ba is a tourist country, so the accommodation service here is very developed, you have a lot of choices. 

If you want to stay at a hotel with a sea view, you can visit hotels in the area of ​​¼ or Tung Dinh street such as Catba Dream Hotel, Paradise Cat Ba, Quang Tung Hotel, Sea Pearl Cat Ba Hotel… from 500,000 VND to 1000,000 VND depending on the location. room class. If you want to stay in more advanced places, you can refer to resorts such as Monkey Island Resort., Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort, Mgallery Cat Ba, Nam Cat Island Resort CatbaBay, Monkey Island Resort… accommodation from 1.5 million to several million dong/night. 

Let's travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights where to stayOn Cat Ba Island, there are many places to stay from budget to luxury, including yachts. Photo: @nhhimsoc13

With the need for affordable accommodation, you can choose homestays with prices ranging from a few hundred per night such as Santorini Homestay, Lepont Bungalow… In addition, Cat Ba also has overnight cruises with prices from 3 to 6 million VND. very attractive to bring a different experience, so you can refer to it for experience such as Heritage Cruises, Paradise Grand, Indochina Cruise, Aspira Cruise…

Cat Ba travel itinerary 3 days 2 nights for reference

Traveling to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights is just enough time for you to comfortably explore all the attractive tourist spots on the island, enjoy delicious dishes as well as experience attractive entertainment services. If traveling to Cat Ba on your own, you can refer to the following super attractive schedule: 

Day 1: Military Medical Cave – Trung Trang Cave – Cat Ba National Park – Cannon Fort

Morning: You visit Quan Y cave, 8.5km from town, this is a field hospital during the war years, the cave space has 17 rooms with 3 floors as a place for treatment and rehabilitation for old soldiers. , this place is quite attractive destination. Ticket price to Quan Y cave is 80,000 VND/person. After Quan Y cave, you should visit Trung Trang cave , also located in the same direction. This cave is 300m long through the mountain and is famous for the system of stalactites and stalagmites of many beautiful shapes. Tickets to visit this place are also 80,000 VND / person. 

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights Trung Trang caveTrung Trang cave with sparkling stalactites fascinates visitors. Photo: @dashaautumn_.

Afternoon: Cat Ba National Park is an attractive destination for your Cat Ba tour 3 days 2 nights . This is the world biosphere reserve with diverse ecosystems and attractive landscapes. Here you can choose to climb the mountain with a short route of about 2 hours, or travel by car, motorbike, or bicycle optionally. Entrance fee is 40,000 VND/adult and 20,000 VND/person for children.

Leaving Cat Ba National Park, move to Cannon Fort, also known as peak 177. It has a unique system of trenches and two large cannons. You can admire the whole bay, admire the beautiful sunset at the end of the day. Ticket price is 80,000 VND / person, if you want to see the scenery through binoculars, an additional fee of 5000 VND. 

Let's travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights Cat Ba National ParkCat Ba National Park has a very diverse ecosystem. Photo: @cha_chloee

Evening: Visit specialty restaurants for dinner and check-in cafes with beautiful views in Cat Ba chill, sightseeing such as Kayak Cafe – Coffee & Juice Bar, Guna Tea Coffee & More, Like Coffee… Or walk on the streets seaside, visit Cat Ba night market. 

Day 2: Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai Village – Frog Pond – Monkey Island 

Cat Ba travel experience 3 days 2 nights for you is to spend 1 day to experience the cruise as well as explore the destinations on Lan Ha Bay. The itinerary will depend on the cruise you choose, but usually, there will be destinations such as Frog Pond, Viet Hai fishing village, Monkey island, floodplain, two peaches island, Long Chau island, Cai Beo fishing village. You will also experience boating, kayaking, swimming in the bay and snorkeling to see corals… 

Let's travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights Lan Ha BayIt is recommended to spend a day to enjoy the cruise on Lan Ha Bay. Photo: @heritagecruises_

In addition, you can also enjoy the sunset on the sea, experience squid fishing and enjoy many attractive specialties such as squid, oysters, sea fish, surface, crab, all of which are fresh or enjoy the buffet. hearty. Watching the stars at night, listening to the whispering waves and spending the night on the bay are also fascinating experiences. 

Day 3: Beautiful beaches on the island (Cat Co 1,2,3, Tung Thu) -Cat Ba Town –

Morning: On the 3rd day, you usually have a limited time, so you should go to places like Check-in the beautiful beaches of Cat Ba, especially Cat Co 1, 2, 3, beaches. This bath is famous for its charming scenery located close together. In addition, you can refer to Tung Thu beach, only 2km from the center, famous for its unspoiled scenery. The beaches in Cat Ba are quite calm, quiet and safe for you to enjoy bathing. 

Let's travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights beachCat Ba’s beaches are very beautiful, so don’t miss the chance to check-in. Photo: @l.inhl.inh_

Noon: You can walk around town to buy souvenirs and experience food at famous restaurants such as Quang Anh restaurant, Vien Duong restaurant, Full Moon restaurant, floating restaurant 599 Hung Manh… are all attractive culinary addresses specializing in serving delicious Cat Ba specialties. 

Let's travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights beachWalking around town is also a great experience. Photo: @ngotdaynee_

Afternoon: Move from the island to the mainland and end the Cat Ba tour 3 days 2 nights. 

Traveling to Cat Ba, do not miss the attractive specialties!

Cat Ba is an island country, so the seafood here is extremely rich, so when traveling in Cat Ba you can enjoy many delicious seafood dishes. 

The first famous seafood that you should enjoy is Tu Comei, a mollusk in the sea with very high nutrition, attractive dishes such as salad, grilled, steamed, porridge will make you ecstatic. Song fish is also a delicious dish when traveling to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights you should not miss, grouper fish cooked with porridge, made call, steamed, sauce is also attractive, especially the most famous in Cat Ba is grouper fish. the black song and the fox. 

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights with specialty comedyCat Ba has been famous for its delicious taste for a long time. Photo: Cooky

Next is Cat Ba sea sam with grilled, fried sweet and sour dishes combining galangal, lemongrass, chili, and laksa leaves. Cat Ba’s surface is also an attractive specialty with large size, texture, from steamed to salted, all delicious. 

In addition, the specialty of Cat Ba’s shrimp vermicelli is a very attractive dish that you should not ignore. Cat Ba shrimp vermicelli is processed with its own recipe, fresh shrimp are delicious because they are caught from far away, fish cakes are very tough, sweet broth with guise leaves creates an unforgettable taste. 

Let's travel together to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights with specialty shrimp vermicelliCat Ba shrimp vermicelli is also a famous dish you should not miss. Photo: Cooky

Note when traveling to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights to have a complete trip

When checking-in in Cat Ba with a 3-day 2-night schedule, you also need to pocket some experience to have a complete trip. First, the road to Cat Ba at the weekend will be very crowded, especially the Got ferry station is often overloaded, so you can take a speedboat to avoid waiting time. During the peak tourist season, speedboats will operate continuously 24/24, you should call ahead to reserve and update the situation to be proactive. 

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights noteYou should choose to travel by speedboat to the island if you go on a weekend. Photo: @mikutas

You should book in advance to save costs, booking a few months to a month in advance will have a better price than booking a room close to the trip. If you go to the island in the summer, you should not swim after 6pm because the high tide will be dangerous. Specialties bought as gifts in Cat Ba are very rich, however, the experience that should be pocketed is to check the price before buying and do not forget to pay the price. 

Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights noteWhen shopping or dining, don’t forget to pay the price. Photo: @25thangg_09

Cat Ba, the sparkling pearl chain of the North will be the place to make you fall in love with the charming beauty of nature and also a place to find peace and enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation. Cat Ba travel itinerary 3 days 2 nights will definitely keep with you beautiful memories to fall in love with and “return” every opportunity. 

Photo: Internet 

Keyword: Invite each other to travel to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights to fully explore the beautiful ‘Pearl’ of the Port country

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