The 9x girl shared a 2 day 1-night journey in Tam Dao at a cost of $45

The 9x girl shared a 2 day 1-night journey in Tam Dao at a cost of $45

Recently, Tam Dao – a famous tourist destination only about 80 km from the center of Hanoi has been voted as the world’s leading tourist town.

Tam Dao is no longer a strange name to many people, especially young people in the North. However, one thing that people easily notice in Tam Dao is that after only 1 time, this place has more changes and many new things. Tam Dao develops fast, restaurants “sprout” constantly, and visitors have more choices – of course! But perhaps because of that, many people are more and more wondering if they want to visit Tam Dao, how much it will cost, and how to schedule to prepare.

As a familiar tourist destination on the weekend, Hang Tran – Editor at a media company in Hanoi had many interesting experiences with Tam Dao.

With beautiful natural scenery, cool climate, Tam Dao is the choice of many people.

Although there are now a lot of restaurants and many places to stay, but because the area in Tam Dao is not large, Hang only spends a maximum of 2 days and 1 night for a trip to the city. This beautiful little town.

1. Commuting:

It is about 80km from the center of Hanoi, so it usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours to travel to Tam Dao from Hanoi. With this distance, you can travel by motorbike, passenger car, private car or even bus.

However, because she has her own vehicle, Hang and her friends choose to take a self-driving car to be proactive about the time and travel schedule. Starting from the area of ​​Nam Tu Liem district (Hanoi), Hang poured 500k gas money before starting the schedule, also when the car had just run out of gas.

However, until the end of the trip, the car was still running enough and we did not need to refill it again.

2. Eating out:

Because the group departed at 11am, the group decided to have lunch at the hot pot restaurant in Me Linh before continuing to Tam Dao.

This lunch costs a total of 1,025k for 4 people to eat, divided into about 256k for each person.

Around 15:00 on the same day, after eating, the group ran straight to Tam Dao and did not stop at any place. At 16:00, however, because she did not want to go to the homestay right away, Hang and her friends went to the town center to take a walk first.

Because of going on the weekend, most of the cafes here are very crowded, almost every place is full, so we chose Rock Cafe in the center of town, near the square because this shop has a fairly large area. cobble. However, the number of tables is also very small, so please pay attention to this!

Rock Cafe is the first stop.

Arriving, the group took a few check-in pictures as a souvenir because the view was quite open and could see the whole campus of Tam Dao town.

In the evening, the group moved to the homestay to store their belongings and rest. Because Tam Dao weekend is very crowded, traveling by car is quite difficult and inconvenient, so the group decided to order dinner at the homestay. The food is quite good and the price is cheaper than eating out. This dinner eats both hot pot and grilled, divided each person for about 150k.

The next morning, Hang and the group had breakfast at Thanh Nga restaurant. There are quite good types of vermicelli and fish vermicelli with the price of about 50k / bowl.

Coming to Tam Dao, it was mainly to change the atmosphere, so in the morning of the 2nd day, after having breakfast, Hang and his friends moved into the town to play, so they turned to the restaurant opposite the Stone Church. people run out about 100k more.

After that, the group went to Lala Land cafe to take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere here.

The drinks here are not very good, but they make up for the beautiful view. However, everyone remember to choose the off-peak hours, otherwise it is easy to run out of seats.

However, by the early afternoon, the number of visitors came here was very large and because the group was especially “vibe” in Da Lat, Hang and her friends continued to visit Co La coffee shop. The first impression is that the design is beautiful, the view is beautiful, but the drinks are not really special. The average drink here ranges from 40-60k.

3. Rest and stay:

Tam Dao now has many accommodation places with all forms from hotels, motels to homestays. However, in general, the hotel in Tam Dao has a high price compared to the quality of service and facilities, so Hang and the group decided not to choose.

Instead, Hang chose Co Lo homestay as a stopover. The price for renting a room for 1 night here ranges from 500-600k / room for 2 people – a very good price when traveling to Tam Dao. Not to mention, here has a very beautiful view of the valley. However, there is one minus point is that it is also very fast here. It is recommended that you book a room about 2 weeks – 1 month in advance.

Hang also shared that the friend who booked a room through agoda and shopback app to get a refund, some days get up to 12% off, so it will help you save quite a bit of money.

Tam Dao has many beautiful check-in corners. However, you should go on weekdays, it will be less crowded.

After walking at some places around Tam Dao town such as the stone church, the square and eating and drinking, the group got on the bus back to Hanoi.

Thus, the total cost of a trip to Tam Dao for 2 days and 1 night will be about $45. This is a pretty reasonable price because Tam Dao is famous for its expensive prices, whether it’s about accommodation or eating.

Hopefully with these suggestions, you will have an interesting trip to Tam Dao!

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